Ancient Land


Domaine Avetissyan is located on a picturesque hillside in a lush region of Artsakh, south-east from Armenia.
This small region is little known in the world and hard to reach, but for those who reach it - Artsakh opens an astonishing and splendid beauty of nature, pure air and breath-taking views. Closest locality to the Domaine is Togh village, which founding dates back to the IX century. The original settlement was an ideal place for the protection from the enemies - a high mountain plateau with a single path to reach it, it had never been conquered or invaded. Many well preserved wine jugs ("karas") with traces of Khndoghni grape variety have been excavated on the plateau and on the territory of the Melik's Palace, which was built at the bottom of the plateau in the 16th century and now is a part of Togh village.




Domaine Avetissyan’s enduring commitment to Khndoghni red wines started back in the beginning of the XXth century, when the first vine was planted. Khndoghni is an ancient, indigenous and rare red grape variety that is not cultivated anywhere in Europe and in Americas, but abundantly grows in the soft climate of Artsakh region. Special terrain, soil quality, quantity of sunny days per year and soft climate with mild winters account for the birth of a strong and unusual dry red wine, rich in tannins, full and with excellent taste. Khndoghni (“khen-dogh-nee”) comes from the word "khind" that means "joy" and it is the best description for the wine - it is crisp, cheering and refreshing.


Avetissyans family was among the first winemakers leading a renaissance of Artsakh wines: Kataro wines play an important role in establishing Artsakh’s reputation as a wine growing region in the whole world. During past 10 years the family significantly enlarged their terrains and cultivates more than 12 hectars of vineyards, which are located on the slopes of Togh mountain, at an elevation 600-700 meters above the sea level. Domaine owner personally controls all production process - from planting till late harvesting. The sortage of the grapes is done by hand, to make sure that only the best of them will give their taste to the future red wine. A smart combination of human control and latest winemaking technologies brings a worldwide success for Kataro Dry Red wines: Kataro participated in more than 15 international wine exhibitions in Europe, USA and Canada and has been widely recognized by wine experts. More than 80 000 bottles are produced annually and exported from Armenia to Russia, Europe and USA.


Dry Red

Young wine from Khndoghni, indigenous Armenian grape variety. Brightly demonstrates grape's special taste and flavor. Succulent and expressive, rich in tannins. Best with Armenian barbeque, meat dishes and strong local cheeses.


Blend of Areni, Tozot, Kakhet grape varieties, grown in Vayots Dzor and Ararat Valley. Fruity and elegant, fresh and crisp with strawberry and fruits notes, finishing with a distinctive minerality. Best with cheese platters, salads, chicken and vegetable dishes.


Blend of Queens of Armenian Highlands - Voskevaz, Nazeli grape varieties, grown in Vayots Dzor. Elegant and floral, fresh and mineral with hints of citrus fruits and white peach. Pairs well with light cheese, fresh water fish dishes, fruits salads and caramel or vanilla based desserts.

Dry Red Reserve

From Khndoghni, indigenous Armenian grape variety. Aged for 1-3 years in the barrels from Caucasian oak sourced from local high-elevation forests. Rich in tannins, with strong and succulent taste, Has interesting aromas of blueberries and cotton candy. Best with meat dishes and strong cheeses.


Wine Festival

Early autumn the birthplace of Kataro – Togh village - hosts annual Artsakh wine festival. This annual event aims at promoting tourism, creating a unique platform for winemakers of Artsakh and Armenia to share their achievements and present their product to the public. Every year more than 3000 guests attend the festival from all over the world to taste the best Armenian wines, get acquainted with the local culture, participate in walking tours, listen to the traditional Armenian music, dance and communicate with the local people. The picturesque location, rich with ancient architectural and natural attractions is always happy to welcome you. Contact us for more information on visiting or participating.


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