Family Owned Winery

For more than 100 years, Avestissyan's family is crafting wines from the indigenous regional grapes.

Domaine Avetissyan is proud to be a family owned and managed winery; its story passes through generations, revolutions, blockades and wars. Despite all turns of fate, Avetissyans family managed to preserve and revive the vineyards, which they own for more than 100 years: the first vines of Khndoghni (Sireni) variety were planted by the great-grandfather of the current owner at the beginning of the XXth century. At that time all wine-making process was made by men only and only by hand. The home-made wine was first intended for family use only, but shortly it became very popular among locals.

Afterfall of the Soviet Union and years of instability and war, Avetissyans managed to revive the winery and give it a “second breath”. New land was acquired and young Khnoghni vines planted on the hillside next to Togh village. The modern production facilities were meticulously and carefully placed within the stone walls of an ancient winemaking factory. Winemaking process was elevated to the new heights, matching all international standards. However, the philosophy of Kataro wines is not a fast increase of bottling quantities, but maintaining the quality of the hand-made wine through technological achievements and promotion of the best regional wine on the world scale.

The wine is named after Kataro monastery – a sacred place located at the titude of 2.500 m above the sea level, overlooking mountains and stone gorges, dotted with islands of flowers and fragrant herbs. The legend says that in the the III century brother and sister built it together after they saw a sign from God: the brother was building the temple and the sister was bringing him stones and water from the spring at the bottom of the mountain. The way to Kataro temple is long and arduous: surrounded by magnificent nature and weathered by warm winds, this temple embodies a man’s desire for perfection and nobility.

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